Introduction to Computer Technology


This course is an introduction to fundamental concepts in computers and technology including information representation, development and application of algorithms, network and communication principles, and critical evaluation of technology tools. The course introduces students to the application of science in technology using scientific methods and practices in a laboratory environment. It teaches students important analytical and critical thinking skills, and allows students to learn how and when to apply their knowledge of technology concepts productively. This course fulfills the Scientific Analysis category for non-science majors.


Upon completing this course, students will be able to:


Fluency with Information Technology: Skills, Concepts and Capabilities Fourth Edition, by Lawrence Snyder, Addison-Wesley, 2010


Course information (including this document) can be found on the general CSC115 Blackboard site (CSC115 - All Sections). All lab assignments will be posted to that site as well.

This course meets for 5 hours per week, two hours of which are spent in the computer laboratory. The professor who teaches the lecture will be teaching the laboratory as well.

There will be a total of 10-14 different labs that students will complete over the semester. Attendance is expected for all class hours, including lab hours. All lab reports and homework assignments must be handed in on time for full credit. Lab reports are due one week from the completion of the lab, in the format described in the Lab Report format document posted on this site.


The grade for this course will be based on one midterm, lab assignments and homework, and a final examination.

Lab Assignments and Homework: 20%
Midterm Examination: 40%
Final Examination: 40%


Topic Chapter Week
Overview of Information Technology, Terminology Interfaces 1,2 1
Internet Searching 5,6 2
Location: Geographical Information System (GIS), RFID, GPS, Cell locaters... Class Notes 3
Computer Hardware and Software 1,9 4,5
Digital Information 8,11(pages 302-309) 5,6
The Internet, Networks and Domains 3 6,7
Privacy, Security 12,13 7,8
Midterm Examination   9
HTML 4 9,10
Algorithmic thinking/Limits to computation, Debugging 7,10 11
Introduction to Programming, JavaScript 18-19 12
Robotics Class Notes 13
Evaluating Software, Speech Recognition 11(pages 312-316) 14
Final Examination   15