Lab 1 --- Software & DataStorage
Lab_1_Software&DataStorage.docx (55.936 Kb)
lab1_1.doc (89.5 Kb)
Lab 2 Searching and the Web
lab2 search engines_1.doc (72.5 Kb)
Lab 2A GIS
Lab2A Geographical Information System_1.doc (87 Kb)
Lab 3 -- Build and Learn
Lab_3_cpu_hw.docx (146 Kb)
Operating System
Lab4_cpu_sw.docx (83.5 Kb)
Lan/ Wan/ Domains
Lab5A_internet_lan_domains.doc (44 Kb)
Lan/Wan/Domains (continued)
Lab5B_internet_lan_domains.doc (40.5 Kb)
Lab6B Security Lab.doc (61 Kb)
Exploring HMTL
HTML_lab_1_1.doc (50 Kb)
Shortest Path
Lab shortestPath algorithm.doc (40 Kb)
maps_abcd-changed.doc (1.291 Mb)
What's the best way to get from here to there?
Exploring JavaScript
JavaScript Part 1.doc (47.5 Kb)
Continuing JavaScript
JavaScript Part 2.doc (156.5 Kb)
Robotics Lab
Robot check sheet.docx (10.843 Kb)
Lab Speech Recognition
Speech Recognition Lab2.doc (67.5 Kb)
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